Invigorate your skin with a full body exfoliation, eliminating excess surface skin cells including scrubs, natural exfoliants, and body wraps. Reconnect with your energy, vitality and enthusiasm, finish up feeling smooth, hydrated and fresh.

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Vajacial Treatment Yes! A facial for your V area which aims
to reduce ingrown hairs, bumps, pigmentation, clogged
pores, acne, dry skin, or irritation in the vulvar area.
**vajacials don’t involve your vagina, which is the
internal canal.**
45minsR500BookBuy Voucher
Body Scrub / Exfoliation Treatment Organic sugars and
salts, essential oils, and body oils gently lift away old
cells and polish skin to a glow while stimulating the
lymphatic immune response. Finish off with a 30 mins  
massage (Add-on), accentuating detoxification and skin
30minsR320BookBuy Voucher
Brightening Body PolishDesigned to see tired skin cells
eliminated head-to-toe for a brighter, more youthful complexion. 
Treatment includes, skin consultation and analysis, pre-cleanse,
brightening exfoliation, brightening wrap and a soothing  
massage with the use of our signature bright -moist butter/ oil.
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Purifying Back TreatmentA full back treatment that targets
the one area on the body that is often ignored. It includes an
organic sugar scrub, and extractions along with a soothing
massage and specialty masque suited to your needs. Treatment
includes, enzyme exfoliation refinement with gentle scrub, skin
analysis, extractions upon request, arm massage, back and neck
massage with the use of our African shea butter.
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Moisture Quencher Treatment- Chocolate Ritual Imagine yourself
enveloped in rich, luscious chocolate! This anti-oxidant, anti-ageing
natural detox treatment will satisfy your body’s craving for
replenishment and revitalization while leaving your skin hydrated,
nourished and irresistibly smooth. Restores extreme softness,
suppleness and comfort to parched or dry skin with smoothing
coffee body scrub, chocolate body wrap and 30 minutes of moisture
replenishing and cocooning massage. For a body that gleams
like satin and is velvet to the touch. Finish off with a warm or
cold chocolate drink!
90minsR1100BookBuy Voucher
Detox / Cellulite Fighter Wrap Treatment Designed to eliminate
water retention and the build-up of cellular toxins, this wrap gives
you a smoother, leaner body profile. Micronized algae, marine and
botanical extracts are combined to minimize fatty deposits and
improve the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Charged per area.
This treatment is ideal after pregnancy or weight loss to tighten
and tone localized areas.
60minsR650BookBuy Voucher
Chilli Wrap TreatmentPromots of the lymph drainage system,
This Chilli Wrapis uniquely blended specifically formulated for
problem areas. This cream penetrates the epidermis and gets
absorbed into the blood stream, staying active in your body for
up to 3-4 days. Whilst in your bloodstream these ingredients run
through the lymphatic system and promote detoxification. These
toxins are then excreted through the kidneys. The Chilli Wrap
treatment is charged per area and it is safe and effective way
in combating excess weight and cellulite. **Price per body area.**
60minsR600BookBuy Voucher
RegimA Body Enhancing Peel and Polisher –A luxurious body
peeling option. A powerful blend of technologically advanced
natural resurfacing actives; with anti-ageing anti -wrinkle ,protecting,
nourishing and smoothing ingredients. This treatment significantly
activates cell rejuvenation gently ,yet powerfully. Skin instantly
looks and feels smoother, re-elastized and glows!!
90minsR600BookBuy Voucher
RegimA Back Treatment Incorporates gentle cleansing, exfoliation and
antiseptic action together with sebum controllers and natural marine
extracts. Hormone regulation, problem skin solutions. Results are in clarity,
smoothness, inflammation control and anti – scarring.
90minsR600BookBuy Voucher
RegimA Slimming Body and Sculpting Treatment –A luxurious body
treatment with a diuretic and detoxifying action. Powerful, advanced
natural actives and ingredients are combined and delivered to the
skin in the correct quantities for maximum benefit. This treatment
significantly reduces excess water/waste product build up in the
tissue and assists to promote firmer skin all over. Increased lymph
drainage can be expected. Contra -indicated in pregnancy and lactation.
60minsR500BookBuy Voucher
RegimA Spa Zone Facial and Body Bliss Signature Treatment –The most
luxurious treatment combining the actives in the Spa Zone Range with
the benefits of having a Spa Facial from head to toe. Not only does this
constitute the ultimate in relaxation; it offers the most superior
benefits to the skin too. The treatment offers anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle,
protecting, nourishing and smoothing ingredients that significantly
activates cell rejuvenation, gently, yet powerfully. This is ideal for
special occasions like weddings, couples and clients in need of TLC.
180minsR800BookBuy Voucher