Waxing Treatment

No matter how hairy you are, a warm wax treatment will leave your skin smooth for 4-6 weeks. At IHB Salon & Spa, we offer a complete premium waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier, virtually pain free with superb results guaranteed. We offer body waxing for women and waxing for men. Everything from face to bikini to leg waxing. We Will Take Care Of All Your Unwanted Body Hair With The Utmost Care.

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Waxing Treatment Pricing

AreaTimeLadiesGentsBook ItGift It
Sides15minsR80BookBuy Voucher
Lip/Chin/Brows20minsR70BookBuy Voucher
Full Face20minsR180BookBuy Voucher
Chest / Back20minsR150R200BookBuy Voucher
Stomach20minsR120R180BookBuy Voucher
Under Arm30minsR80R100BookBuy Voucher
1/2 Arm15minsR120R150BookBuy Voucher
3/4 Arm15minsR140R180BookBuy Voucher
Full Arm25minsR160R200BookBuy Voucher
1/2 Leg20minsR150R210BookBuy Voucher
3/4 Leg20minsR180R220BookBuy Voucher
Full Leg40minsR220R280BookBuy Voucher
Bikini15minsR120R150BookBuy Voucher
Buttocks15minsR150R220BookBuy Voucher
Brazilian20minsR250R350BookBuy Voucher
Hollywood30minsR350R400BookBuy Voucher
Hollywood Extended35minsR380R450Book Buy Voucher
Full Body60minsR900R1200BookBuy Voucher
Ingrown TreatmentR500R650BookBuy Voucher