Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

Discover what makes IHB Salon and Spa one of the top nail salons in Johanesburg.

We offer world class Signature and luxury manicure and pedicure treatments for men, women and kids.

Our Manicures and pedicures are specially designed treatments that leave your hands and feet feeling clean and soothed and you feeling pampered. Lets help you in choosing the correct type of manicure and pedicure to enhance your salon experience. You deserve a little pampering

Sip on a complimentary glass of wine, tea or coffee while we look after you.


Manicure TreatmentTimeLadiesGentsBook ItGift It
Express Manicure10minsR100R110BookBuy Voucher
Spa Manicure25minsR150R180BookBuy Voucher
Deluxe Manicure40minsR200R220BookBuy Voucher
Rejuvenating Hand Treatment: An intensive exfoliation,
smoothing ,toning and regenerating treatment for age
spots,ageing and drying hands
60minsR300R350BookBuy Voucher
Manicure Treatment Add-onTimeLadiesGentsBook ItGift It
Nail Polish10minsR50R50BookBuy Voucher
Paraffin20minsR80R90BookBuy Voucher
Bio Sculpture Gel Polish40minsR250BookBuy Voucher
Pedicure TreatmentTimeLadiesGentsBook ItGift It
Express Pedicure10minsR110R110BookBuy Voucher
Spa Pedicure25minsR200R180BookBuy Voucher
Deluxe Pedicure40minsR300R220BookBuy Voucher
Pedi Milk Peel50minsR350R380BookBuy Voucher
Jelly Pedicure50minsR350R380BookBuy Voucher
Pedicure Treatment Add-onTimeLadiesGentsBook ItGift It
Nail Polish10minsR50R50BookBuy Voucher
Parrafin20minsR90R100BookBuy Voucher
Bio Sculpture Gel Polish40minsR150BookBuy Voucher