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If you want to get rid of small pockets of fat around your stomach, chest, chin, arms, hips or back — but diet and exercise aren’t helping — fat dissolving injections could be right for you. Sometimes, even with the strictest diet and exercise routine, we fail to get rid of certain areas of fatty deposits around the body. Stubborn fat such as this is very frustrating, but with the non-invasive technology, 

Lipolysis is an effective treatment that mobilizes accumulated fat releasing it through the lymphatic system into the blood stream to be burnt safely by the body’s metabolism

The ingredients help dissolve fats difficult to eliminate, providing a powerful and effective aid in the treatment of cellulite and localized fat. It helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage system. It also CLEANSE AND DETOX WHILE LOSING FAT. It improve the appearance of flaccid skin. With a reaffirming and toning action. 

Treatment areas : Love handles/Muffin Tops, Male Breasts, Inner/Outer thighs/Saddle Bags, Tummy Rolls, Double Chin

A series of 6 – 12 treatments is necessary to achieve the desired results.

Laser Lipolysis Treatment –
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TimePriceBook ItGift It
Price Per 10cm Area20minsR250BookBuy Voucher
Package of 6 TreatmentsR1250BookBuy Voucher
Package of 12 TreatmentsR2250BookBuy Voucher
Fat Dissolving Injection Addon –
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Cavitation(For more infomation click here)30minsR300BookBuy Voucher
RF Skin Tightening Treatment(For more infomation click here)30minsR300BookBuy Voucher
EMS- Tones & Tightens muscles(For more infomation click here)30minsR200BookBuy Voucher

Best Results?- We would recommend a series of 6-12 treatments. 2 x a week to see best results. For your convenience we offer packages of 6 & 12